How to use Korean Delivery App – 배달의 민족

How to use Korean Delivery App

We are living in the 21st century. Now there’s myriad commodity which can improves our convenience in the way we could not made it even a century ago. Now you can get delivered the fresh meal from restaurant without effort that you physically embark the quest upon a long journey from your cozy home with the blanket, sofa and of course potato chips.

So today, I would like to introduce you a major delivery application in Korea, and usage of it from the small details like finding a app to make a purchase even that is a either cash or credit. We call ourselves ‘Nation of delivery’ which represent how our delivery system well developed. Guess what? You are still available to order a Chinese cuisine at 4 am in the morning. weather you stayed up all night, or just woke up feeling hungriness inside of you.

Nation of Delivery 배달의 민족
You can download the application with the link above.


STEP 1 Set your address and Choose your food!

Once you open the app, you will see the address setting and menu.
The first step you need to do is, set up the the proper address of your location, If you accept to access the location data the app will detect your location automatically, but still you need to input your detailed address on it. (Like the name of your building, or unit or room you dwell in.
After that, It’s time to select your menu! Well I’m pretty sure that this is everyone’s favorite part, You can choose various type of food from many restaurant. What more can you expect when you spend your day choosing food that fulfill your night!


STEP 2 Make purchase!

After select your food, probably this could be hardest step for someone who does not speak Korean, but there is nothing to feel afraid about, it only takes one time to get use to this application.
The total amount of price will be appeared on top of screen. You can change the method of payment via tab under the price. basic method is Credit payment, but If you know the way you can make another payment, It is also available.
Furthermore, If you have account on the app you can pay to the delivery man in a person.


STEP 3 Address check & Information!

fill your information to prevent the unexpected situation, Also you can request some specific requirement to the restaurant / driver. This can be great option, If you are vegetarian and don’t know what to say when you don’t want 2 strips of bacon on your McDonald’s Burger. Or when you have password on your flat you can easily let them know the password, If you are the person who doesn’t care about the security of your apartment!


STEP 4 Wait until food comes

Every ordeal is done. now you can just take some breath in your peaceful house with small dog beside of you. and this will be the best way to end your Sunday’s evening. whether with your friends or family, or just by yourself.

Korea is most easiest place to get nice meal even in the middle of the night, imagine yourself having ice cream at every night! But don’t forget to go out and take a walk for your health sometimes! I hope this walk-throw has been helpful to everyone, and If you have any inquiry I will try hard to solve your curiosity, Now, Are you ready for the get some food for your night owl life?

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