I’ve been learning Español, New goals

After three weeks of intense course of KOICA, I feel much confidence and exhausted at the same moment. last three weeks get me feeling of being military for me. but in last Tuesday, center officially announced that we are going to embark to Peru at 10th of January, and we will be at the Lima for 2 months for more language training.

Life in dormitory is tough. still, I’m trying hard to get used to people in here, when I go back to my dorm after taking shower always there’s people. and it’s a good thing that you have your company that you could share everything, on the other hand, in my life I used to have my boundary of privacy. I still do what I want to do. I watch Netflix, Phone call with my bf, Singing during the shower and have night time-snack, but it never gives me same feelings back. It’s really good thing that I can rethink about how wonderful my life was, and how selfish I was when I was in my best place. but no regrets. I feel I becoming more mature and independent every second. so it will give me better consequence.

I got really sick for last two days as well, we were vaccinated for flue last Thursday, and I think that vaccine and my bad behavior of drinking, smoking, clubbing from vacation at last Saturday got me terrible influence. as a result I could not attend any of classes of Thursday, and I’m still recovering up, feeling much better than yesterday.

We started our Spanish course from two weeks ago, now I can count 1-10,000 (It still gives me some time to actually speak them, but I still can say)
all though it’s really good that I am at least able to say ‘hospital’ and ‘policia’ that’s what I don’t want to be needed. I always make terrible joke, like ‘yo quiero mass barato la casa’ means, ‘I want more cheap house’ well, I think I should need to know how to make negotiations. but it has many similarity with English. so I would be fine.

I would love to write some of the sentences in Spanish in my blog from now on.

  • Ella escribe en el Espanol
  • yo barreo mi jardin esta delate de (I wonder It can still be a natural sentence?)
  • tu bajas a la escuela
  • yo estudio espanol muy bien
  • usted quieren bailan conmigo?

well in my brain of 9pm, I think it’s my maximum capacity. (Yeah I’m becoming grandma)

Buenas Noches, Dulces Suenos!

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