First step on KOICA

Quit my job exactly an week ago, spent all of my moments to preparing new life as a graphic design teacher on another land. I did not know that how seriously people take this opportunity, and how prepared they are. It’s 9p.m on now, and I just writing this down to record my feelings, and hopefully for the someone who would like to know about volunteering in KOICA. today’s schedule was pretty dense, I just got my free time and I will probably get back to dormitory within 40 minutes to wash my face and do some laundry.

I even now can’t believe myself sitting here. everything is so surreal. but now my parents are not capable to take after me. my brother can’t play or hang out with me. I don’t belong to my home. this place will be my home for after a month, and then I will fly to the Peru and settle down on that country for an year to two. I will definitely miss my parents but there is not enough time for me to reminisce. and I have to be brave to defeat all those fears. sadness and excitement crawls back at the same moment.

I will learn about Spanish for next 4 weeks, wish I don’t forget about English. will take another training as well. like basic disaster safety education and gender equality.

I miss my friends so much. just wasting time, lying on bed playing games or guitar together. ordering a delivery foods. If we getting tired from it, we could just go for clubbing. but I know that it is only fun when it comes for one time. it just becomes repetitive shit after all.

after all, I really wish I can be acquire something from this opportunity whether beauty of my mind, or memorable experience that I can remember over the decades.


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