Some record about my life

A lots of things happened, I don’t even know where to start, I worked at travel agency for last two months, I didn’t expect myself to love my job this much but It happened. Now I feel like I belong this place, as if they are my family.

In August, I went to the driving school to get my driving license, I failed twice because of intersection, was also really crazy weeks. I had to wake up around 5am to get to driving school, and went to work at 10am, from there until 5-6, and then I went to go academy that I joined for ‘Computerized Reservation System’ course. It was all monument step for me.

After a month, I got driving license, got 100 point at my first class, I got 92 for last one. got two certifications. everything seems pretty good.

Started smoke again, I quit last year, and felt so anxious to think about my future, (for the reason that I dropped my profession which I had been dedicating for my last 18 years) it was easy enough me to drag myself to do this shit again. every time I try to quit, I just find myself that convince hard. that I’m going to quit on next year, or I have 10 more years to waste. but I know that It’s really time for quit. wish I can stop.

In August, I applied for volunteering program in government association, I have been hesitating a lot, took several interviews, did medical check up, wrote resume for the program. finally I was lucky enough to seize my chance to go South America, Peru. my main job will be teaching students with using my skills from companies that I have been in. I know that I have so many things to learn in field, but also it’s really great chance to dedicate my year for someone who seeks for help. If I can help them. I would gladly take it. but also have been carrying some mixed feeling with my friends, I will really miss them. I don’t know how can I dare to describe my deepest fear of being alone. or some nervous feeling that belong in another country. I have never been out of Asia before, so all of my friends are telling me that I need to be more careful than now. yeah I think they know me well, since my biggest enemy is my curiosity.



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