Best place for rice wines, Sansawon

Pocheon Sansawon

 icon-home 71-8, Hwadong-ro 432beon-gil, Hwahyeon-myeon, Pocheon-si, Gyeonggi-do
icon-phone 031-531-9300
icon-clock-o Everyday : 08:30 – 17
icon-money  3,000 KRW / 2,500 KRW (Group DC)


Would you believe if there is a place you can drink most kind of Korean wines with only 3,000 KRW? Isn’t it too tempting that it’s almost you dare to be convinced? Here is the perfect place for your day trip around Seoul. Let me introduce you the Pocheon Sansawon.

Pocheon Sansawon is museum that displays the history of Korean drinks. From rice wine (Makgeolli) to soju! The museum has downstairs besides main entrance, which you can taste craft brewery drinks. Sometimes they also provide unique seasonal brewery, so if you are lucky you can also taste phenomenally exotic Korean’s own brewery.

But the most well known drink in Korea is must be Makgeolli, rice wine. In the tasting hall, there’s over 10 kinds of different rice wine anyone can freely sip. you will be amazed by selections you can choose. diverse flavors of drinks with raspberries, mandarins, chestnuts and pumpkins will amaze your tongue.

Not only just for drinking, but also for you’re more versatile experience. museum displays so many history about Korean drinks. such things like how they inherited their own culture. how it became valuable business for them. even some of their recipe too! but you can’t never copy the idea or concept of brewing. as I saw from museum, It was really hard to imitate it.

After you drinks few sips from museum. you may want to take more look from place. the place been fermenting wines in clay jars for several years. Also there’s small cafeteria for someone want to have some foods and handmade breads.

Sansawon is really awesome place to visit. and end of the tour, they provide you the one rice wine for free. How generous of them! Don’t miss your chance to have unlimited tasting of wine, amazing landscape of brewery and free bottle of wine!


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