BEST nightlife in Busan – Club and pub to go

Busan, known as a biggest port city in entire Korea, you can taste the unique look combined with city’s night and the ocean view simultaneously while you stay. calm and chill ocean waves will make you forget about every worries and anxieties. There is so many places to visit, starts from the local fish market to considerable temples.  All though the city is amazing place for travel and adventure, there is always some place for having fun nightlife and drinking. for the people who seeks for that, the Busan’s night life is massively active and delightful. People in the city seems like they were born to be partying. City is still alive after 5AM and you can still sober up and chill out seeing majestic waves at the beach or maybe you might decide to drink one more bottle surrendering a night before sunrise. It is all up to your decision!
During the holiday season, I spent the 5 nights in Busan, my routine of the days were all about drinking, dancing and partying. I still remember every single night of the city including a beautiful night view under the stars. therefore, I could found the clubs are highly reputed. hope it helps all the people who wants some party life in Busan.


Billie jean
22, Dalmaji-gil, Haeundae-gu, Busan 1F
7:00PM – 4:00 AM

westernized pub, mainly plays the electronic dance music, If you are looking for the place for party, this will be the great option for you. has a big stage on the front, and other side of the pub dense with tables and chairs like lounge. a four-sided bar will keep your attention too. acknowledged to foreigners and expats, so If you are looking for English speaker, this may can be nice opportunity to meet some people. there is no entree fee. also has good quality of drinks with very reasonable price. place sometimes performs jazz concert, cocktail show, and karaoke night. you can check on the Facebook page or Instagram.  DJ is very versatile with there style. On the other hand, there is a big parking lot in out side, so all the visitors are allowed to smoke outside as well.


36, Seojeon-ro 10beon-gil, Busanjin-gu, Busan
10:00 PM – 5:00 AM
10,000 KRW for Entree fee

Located in basement, Output is the club that has their own unique atmosphere. red neon signs, mini bar and vip lounge, heavy drumming sounds and artistic DJs make you feel like you are in the dream or your own illusion. performs from future and house rooted from black music and gangsta tap&rap to funk and R&B. price of draft beer starts from 3,000 KRW you can see the local artist during the weekdays, frequently invites famous artists. the place’s owner known as prominent Korean artist Simon Dominic.


Thursday Party Gwanganlli Beach
191, Gwanganhaebyeon-ro, Suyeong-gu, Busan

Thursday party has many locations all over the Korea. in the Busan, there is two in Gwanganlli beach and Seomyeon, I highly recommend to the one in the Gwanganlli. It located front of gwanalii beach. tables displayed on out side too. Thursday party has more entertainment side compares to the other pubs. also there is no cost for enter. place is packed with darts, games, and guarantee you to have the fun night! always dense with the people as like as the another chains. but only here, you can dance in front of the beach side hearing the party music. you can meet many locals from here, most of the drinks are cheaper than other pub. also every Friday they opens a language exchange party. If you are interested to learn Korean, It will be the nice place to visit. There is one more restaurant called ‘Thursday party Burger & Pasta’ right beside of the pub, for someone who wants to have quality food before start the crazy night, they should look into this place as well. place serves homemade burger and pasta. and has more jazzy vibe.


82, Jungang-daero 680beonga-gil, Busanjin-gu, Busan
8:00PM – 6:00 AM

hip hop, uptempo music lounge club based on trendy design on 2nd & 3rd floor. they hold umpteen people in 2nd floor, you can see the people stand in rows to get in the club. club has funky atmosphere with the darts, pocket pong and beer pong spot. despite of popularity of place, they still does not charge for the visitors. there is a smoking room in 2nd floor. It is a large place, but seems like there is no space for dance. boys are apt to many than girls, always busy with the people in Friday and Saturday night. you can visit here more briefly since the entree is free and there is many people.


The nightlife of Busan is amazing, I’m pretty sure that everyone will fall in love with this city after few days they have some local nightlife. people are very friendly and out-going. you can dance on everywhere, with the full of enjoyment and happiness. hope this posting is helpful for you and If you have any question email me!

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