How can I get the driving license in Korea? Various ways you can get driving license!

I’ve worked driving school as a personal manager/translator for 2 years and I would like to give some information to every single expat/visitor who wants acquire driving license in Korea. I’ve seen so many people who gets suffering with the driving course thing includes my friends, There’s many causes led to consequence of failure, but If I have to choose the most reason that make it not to pass the test, will be the severe schedule of job (so they can’t attend the lecture often)and lack of Korean, So to show my friends, and help people who are having trouble to get license in Korea, I concluded to upload this post. I want to write down every information that I know about license, but I’m a human so I might miss some stuff, so If you have any question you can always contact to my email :



Before you start the plan, you need to check 3 things, and need to consider which will be the ideal plan for your license!

Are you fluent at Korean?
If you are in the level that you can understand simple Korean words, or willing to learn few terms for the test, many of people gets scared because of the language but you don’t have to! The words that we use for the test is usually very limited and in school, most of them provides English subtitle for lecture based on audiovisual education.
But still, you might wonder to comprehend everything – like traffic rules and signs in Korea, Most people use translator for this reason, to acquire every information and knowledge from school.
So still, It’s possible to get driving license without any help of language,  either way you can look for personal translator or agency to make it clear, If you want some more information about, you can simply contact to me.

Have you ever drove in your entire life?
It’s important! It might be hard to drive for your fist time in life when you are in another country as expat or visitor, but If you can understand course and signs, It’s going to be piece of cake, If you are expert at driving, you may can pass every test in a time. Three exams require to get passed whole process, and it is consists with written test, course driving test, and on road test. You can see the progress from this post.

How many times you can join the class/lecture a week?
If you eagerly hoping for the license, you can even get within a week. Actually, I recommend you to join the class in a row, It’s ideal way to have. Sometimes people forget about every tact when they attend the class 1-2 weeks after, after that you realize you’ve forgot about everything of driving, you got panic and that led to failure. You need to attend at least once a week during the period.

Which one is fit for your driving preference? Manual or Automatic?
To get manual license in Korea, you need to drive truck, It might can be tricky, You will fail to test at least one time unless you are really expert about driving. So you might need to have a time to think about it more deeply.



Okay! so to make it real, you need to follow this progress. but, There’s few guide line you can choose for each step.

Medical check up and apply  Written exam   Course driving test Issue the practice driving license  On load driving test


  • [Medical check up and apply]
    You can simply visit Korea traffic authority office near by your station of your house, make registration form for apply, you may need to bring extra cash for medical check up and applying fee. you can find information in the link below :
    also they offers some training class so It must be helpful to take a look!


  • [Written exam]
    Before you apply for a test, you must need to be educated, for that government made a law for minimum education time to acquire knowledge. If you enroll for the personal academy, you must attend lecture for 3 hours, however to get it by your self, It takes 1 hour to get requirement for applying exam. you need to download the written exam file from online, test provides English translation.


  • [Course driving test]
    It is designed same for every personal academy and government facility. They includes several courses, up hill, intersection, parking, turning zone, and speed course. each section, you need to understand and be trained to pass this course. I’ll leave the map of course in here with attached video clip.

  • [Issue the practice driving license]
    It’s really simple you can visit Korea traffic authority office and wait for 10-20 minutes until it is issued. Then you can move onto next step!
  • [On load driving test]
    It’s final step! as before the written exam, If you use personal academy, you need to be prepared at least 6 hours to apply for a test. But If you are passed everything without academy, you can take test. Every office and academy has different course in On load test, So you might need to find information in Google.

Thank you for reading this all! For your convenient, I’ll keep update this post, I hope it helped and If you have any question, You can always ask me!



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